• Achieve recognition among the top 5 most prominent Vietnamese specialty brands, ensuring our presence on the shelves of Vietnamese communities worldwide.
  • Establish ourselves as a quintessential destination for tourism and traditional fruit-roll making experiences in the Mekong Delta region, where every visitor engaging with Tu Bong’s Interactive Workshops and products becomes an ambassador, spreading the unique and irresistible values of Tu Bong within their communities.
  • Lead in innovation in the processing of consumer products derived from tropical fruits.


  • Leverage and combine local specialty crops to create modern, unique products that elevate Vietnamese specialties, providing new experiences for customers while promoting Vietnamese cultural values and enriching our families, employees, communities and country.


  • Promote Family Values: “Continuously highlight and promote the family values cherished by each company member to our partners and customers, reinforcing a culture of unity and respect.”
  • Commitment to Excellence: “Consistently commit to delivering our utmost effort in manufacturing products and serving our customers, ensuring quality and satisfaction in every interaction.”
  • Kindness and Fairness: “Maintain kindness and fairness in all dealings, treating all stakeholders with integrity and respect.”
  • Growth with Purpose: “Ensure that our business growth is aligned with generating positive social impact, amplifying the benefits of our activities for the community.”

Company Culture

  • Valuing and nurturing the feminine aspect of the brand: Our company management style is characterized by softness and adaptability. This reflects in our decision-making process and approaches, demonstrating our commitment to being considerate, flexible, and enabling at all levels.
  • Aligning internal and external communications: “Harmonize internal and external communications to strengthen the love for traditional products of our community and the significance of our work and national pride.”
  • Encouraging workplace diversity, innovation and creativity: “Encourage innovation and creativity across all levels of the company to foster a culture of continuous improvement and breakthrough solutions.”